Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Open Day

Four times a year we host an Open day. Our open days are a perfect time for you to join us! If you want to learn how to swing a sword, you are welcome to come!

The next Open Day is: Monday 23rd September 2019

Cost is: R50.00

On the HEMA side the Open day is also the start of our 8 week introduction course where we teach the basics of how to use a sabre, based on the Hungarian Highland system. This is based off of Henry Angelo’s work from 1799. This course will take you from never having swung a sword to an understanding of the basics of distance, timing, and a martial system which will serve you well as you continue your HEMA studies.

The Sports fencing side of the open day with give you an introduction into olympic style fencing. This leads perfectly into the course and training that follows, where you will learn or re-learn old skills and hone your abilities in fencing.

Contact David to book your spot!

League Nights

At the end of each term we set aside a day to test our skills in a series of league matches. This is a perfect oppurtunity to see how far you have come and to apply your hard won skills against your fellow fencers.

This term there are a number of League events happening! Spectators are welcome!

  • HEMA League: Monday 2nd September