We are a Sports Fencing and Historical European Martial Arts club.

On the sports fencing side we make use of all three weapons (foil, sabre, épée) to some degree and our focus is on being a place where the love and joy of fencing can flourish with out the need and requirement to be in a high competitive environment. Our focus is on adults whom still enjoy the sport and want to find a place continue pursuing their passion.

On the Historical European Martial Arts side we fight with longswords, dusacks, rapiers, halberds, quarterstaffs and many more. We tend to focus on a number of traditions:

  • The Liechtenauer German tradition of the 16 hundreds, specifically the teachings of Joachim Meyer.
  • The French traditions from the late 18 and early 19 hundreds, specifically Giradi and Angelo
  • The Hungarian Highland tradition of saber and single stick.

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